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Visit The Grasshopper Shoppe in rural Quinton Township, Salem County, New Jersey to pick up your favorite primitives & unique everyday finds.  The shoppe changes with the seasons, so be sure to make time for your relaxing visit frequently.  Many treasures found in this quaint shop are handmade not only locally, but in other small towns across the United States.  Shop with us and support small and local businesses!

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"This shop is absolutely adorable! Perfect country style items that I loved, I could hardly choose what to buy! I'll definitely be going back for more treasures.​"


"The love of a family is life's greatest blessing."   Because they call me "Mom", "Josie" and I have full time work schedule outside of the home, shoppe hours may change from week to week. 

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Jolyn, Shoppe Keeper


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"Visited for the first time today and loved it! Will definitely be back. A great variety of items! Something for everyone...Do yourself a favor and check it out!"


breaking ground ~ October 2015

From creations in the garage during all weather conditions, packing for craft shows near and far and setting up in-home parties; The Grasshopper Shoppe is opening it's doors on their home property in Quinton Township, Salem County, New Jersey.

Excavating: We began the construction stages here.  Central Contracting Services (Woodstown, NJ) excavated the area to the perfect grade and placed crushed asphalt for a good solid base.   When they left, it was absolutely perfect.  David Lee and his crew knew what we wanted and did what was needed to accomplish just that.

the shoppe arrives ~ November 2015

After many hours of shopping around, the perfect structure was chosen.  Nate from Black Bear Sheds (Peach Bottom, PA) was absolutely wonderful to work with.  Custom requests, mounds of paperwork, delivery & follow-up couldn't have been easier with them.  Justin rocked hauling and placing the shoppe.  It sure was something to watch.

"Let there be light"

December 2015

Work began promptly at 7am

Electric. Heat. AC. You and I will both be thankful. Eric M. Krise Electrical Contractor (Elmer, NJ) has the most professional, prompt, hardworking crew. Hands down. They are fully aware twinkle lights are important and they never questioned the plans we had. 

Hardworking & Dedicated

Dru & Ryan offered great advice and quickly began this phase for us from planning through completion inspection. If you remember, ask us about the skunk incident...yes, I said skunk. Poor Ryan, it's hilarious I do have to admit.  Thank God I had some room spray and candles in stock to give them!

"be stubborn about your goals

and flexible about your methods"

Well, here we are all ready to tackle remodeling the inside. Where to begin? "I have a vision" and "It's ok, it's primitive" were the two statements my helpers heard often. How fortunate we are to have a skilled family who wanted to jump in and help when needed. Repurposed tongue and groove barn board was used for the walls. Old used wood and keeping a level installation was an interesting feat. We did it though! No help is ever turned away, hence, our little people were always by our side. 


The ceiling, oh the ceiling...repurposed barn tin. Thick, tough, non-forgiving barn tin. Truth. Ask my brother Cody. We began the day just the two of us and were joined by two of the greatest Dad's ever. The whole job was completed in two days. Blisters, cuts and all. But, it's just what I wanted! Love it.

The floor is old dry barn board. Thankfully Andy's dad knew what he was doing. We just took his orders! Finishing wood floors for the first time ever was painful to put it lightly. Have you ever brushed polyurethane on 560sf of flooring? Me neither, Andy didn't let me work alone and the fellas from Barnyard Boys did a fantastic job of being on standby for my numerous questions. The finished look is stunning and worth the worry and work, trust me. You just wait until you see them! Take a look at our progress through the photos below.

What's next?  Filling the shoppe and figuring out how, when naturally twelve of everything would be wonderful, right?  I love this part of the business as much as the construction.  Did you know that shopping can actually be difficult?  It's been great though, be excited to see the many items that are made in the USA.  I've even traveled to New England to bring you the best (and yes the lobster was delicious). 

big things often have small beginnings, be part of our adventure

Jolyn Mitchell, Shoppe Keeper

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The Grasshopper Shoppe is a home based business, Hours by Chance or Appointment

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1st - 31st

Get Your BINGO Card for every $10.00 spent during the month of January.  BINGO numbers will be announced daily on Facebook in February.  Don't miss your chance to earn some Grasshopper Shoppe spending money!


1st - 11th

Check Facebook daily for called BINGO numbers!  You may be the winner!

*Winner must be the first person to respond to the post showing a winning BINGO card.

*Final determinations are the responsibility of the Shoppe Keeper.  This is intended to have fun during our winter days.


3rd - 5th

Bunny Hop Weekend

Join us at the shoppe to welcome Spring a bit early!  More details to come!


435 Quinton Marlboro Road

aka: 435 Route 49

Bridgeton, NJ 08302

Quinton Township, Salem County

New Jersey
(609) 805-8024

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